Airbrush Makeup

Digital photography has become the standard in the wedding industry. With digital photography the picture quality is of the highest resolution, which means even the smallest details, are captured. A digital camera sees streaking associated with brushes and sponges, which go undetected on traditional film or to the naked eye. One unique characteristic of the airbrush is that it atomizes foundation into tiny pixels that can be layered over a person’s face. With the proper layering technique an absolutely flawless finish can be achieved that can make a persons face young and radiant in appearance. Thick, heavy feelings of foundation, no more! In fact clients tell me they need to keep checking their faces to see if they have makeup on because it feels so light.

  • What are the advantages of airbrush makeup?

  • Though not a new technology, airbrush makeup is once again in the limelight due to the advent of evolving digital media, including Digital Photography and Hi-Definition Television. The precision application offered by airbrush makeup has two major benefits that stand up to the challenges presenting makeup artists today:

  • 1. Full Coverage, Sheer Texture

  • A true airbrush foundation is high in coverage, but thin in texture, offering a high-opacity or full coverage application that's dispersed as sheerly and evenly as possible. The result is perfect-looking skin achieved with a minimum of product.

  • 2. Refined Pattern

  • The spray dot-pattern the airbrush puts down on the skin registers less on camera than the patterns and trace lines that brushes and sponges leave behind. However invisible these marks may appear to the naked eye, they can be quite noticeable when your client's face is shown in Hi-Definition close-up or in a High Resolution Digital Photo.